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Minimize costs and maximize flexibility with EPOCAST®1614-A2 epoxy edge & void filler for aerospace applications. EPOCAST® 1614-A2 void filler can help minimize inventory management and operating costs, offering up to a 100% longer shelf life and higher storage temperatures compared to competitive products. With up to a 75% faster thaw time and a longer working life, you can minimize your production risks and enjoy greater flexibility across shifts. The product is flame retardant, low-density, and used to reinforce honeycomb composite parts requiring high compressive strength at service temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). It meets the requirements of BMS 5-28, Type 14, Classes 1 and 2, NTR-MS 1301A. It is suitable for aerospace applications such as honeycomb core reinforcement for structural bonding and joining, fastener or attachment potting and panel edge reinforcing.



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