Enhance electronic performance and versatility with custom epoxy solutions

Resin Formulators is the time tested and trusted brand of epoxy specialty materials that can be uniquely customized, tested, and certified on-demand. Our innovative formulations are used to facilitate electrical interconnect, provide structural integrity, offer critical protection, and transfer heat for reliable performance. With a nearly limitless assortment of end properties, our epoxy systems and specialty packaging solutions provide enhanced reliability, while improving manufacturing efficiencies.

Our custom formulations have solved challenges for a wide range of electronics applications, including structural bonding, electrical bonding, anti-corrosion, potting, and thermal, electrical and environmental protection.


RF 2869 (Mod 2) PM&F


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  • One-part, silver-filled, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive that does not require mixing or vacuum degassing
  • 180°F cure temperature
  • Cure produces high thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Bonds to a variety of substrates
  • Suitable for electrical circuit connections, grounding of composites or hardware, static dissipation, and RFI shielding

RF 2969 (Mod 7) A/B Kit 


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  • Thixotropic, high-strength epoxy adhesive system with good physical strength and high electrical conductivity
  • Fit for parts that cannot be subjected to heat, or where hot solder application is impractical
  • 45 minute working time and room temperature cure
  • Suitable for electrical circuit connections, grounding of composites or hardware, static dissipation, and RFI shielding

RF 4010/RF 61 Kit

RF 4010-1

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  • RF 4010 is a medium viscosity, unfilled, clear general purpose epoxy resin
  • RF 61 curing agent ratio options can offer improved elongation and vibration dampening, or higher temperature stability and chemical resistance
  • Available with color pigments and different viscosities
  • Suitable for laminating, potting, casting, and RTM applications

RF 5407 Epoxy Resin


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  • Aluminum oxide filled epoxy with excellent electrical insulation properties, temperature stability and high thermal conductivity
  • Suitable for use with any hardener to produce a wide range of properties and cure cycles
  • Fit for high voltage relay potting, staking of Li-ion battery cells, and encapsulation of motor windings

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RF 2869 (Mod 2)

RF 2969 (Mod 7)


RF 4010/RF 61 Kit

RF 5407 Epoxy Resin

Recommended Curing Agents

RF 24 Curing Agent

RF 14 Curing Agent


RF 61 Curing Agent


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