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Product Spotlight: RF 3000 Epoxy Resin

We are pleased to spotlight one of our most popular innovations from Resin Formulators!

RF 3000 is a low viscosity liquid bisphenol A based epoxy resin containing a commercial grade of n-butyl glycidyl ether. RF 3000 is widely used by manufacturers in the medical device, electronics, and composites industries.

Application Areas/Suggested Uses
  • Adhesives
  • Electrical casting and encapsulation
  • Contact and vacuum bag laminating
  • Solventless coatings
  • Floor topping and grouting compositions
  • Tooling
  • Low viscosity, allows for easy pumping and wetting of pigments and fillers
  • 100% reactive. Reacts with a full range of curing agents
  • Provides minimal reduction of performance properties
Commonly used with RF 61

Many of our customers experience greater efficiencies when using RF 61 epoxy curing agent with RF 3000.  RF 61 is a polyamide curing agent for use with various epoxy resins. This specific curing agent is designed to add toughness and flexibility to cured epoxy resins. It has very good adhesive strength characteristics and will bond with most substrates. Because RF 3000 is our lowest viscosity bisphenol A epoxy, high viscosity polyamide hardeners like RF 61 are a great fit. 

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