AkzoNobel coatings are now available in an easy-to-use touch-up kit called TUK*. The TUK makes touch-up and repair quick, easy and clean, and comes in a re-sealable container for maximum flexibility and minimum waste. Easy mixing makes the TUK readily available for anyone to use within minutes.

TUK comprises a ready-to-mix base and hardener in two separate compartments, encapsulated into a single plastic container. The user simply removes the ring on the cap of the container and presses it down until it clicks. After shaking to ensure the base and the hardener are properly mixed, the cap can be unscrewed, and the coating is ready to apply. AkzoNobel’s new regular TUKs hold between 30-45ml whereas its mini-TUKs can hold as little as 8ml (up to 20ml), depending on the product mixing ratio.

The new TUK is guaranteed to have the high level of quality that AkzoNobel customers demand and is manufactured and tested in line with our stringent quality control procedures. With short lead times and low minimum order quantities, TUK provides a fast, high quality solution to keep your production line rolling.

*Products available in TUK form are only available direct through AkzoNobel US

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