Intermix Paint Color Test

Watch the video to see how an AkzoNobel Intermix production specialist performs a custom color matching test in the lab.

Intermix Color


How to Mix Epoxy Resin RF 5407

Video tutorial of how to properly mix the Resin Formulators Product RF 5407 for best performance results. RF 5407 is an easy-to-use, alumina-filled, liquid epoxy resin with excellent electrical insulation properties and high thermal conductivity. 

how to mix epoxy resin RF 5407

RF 1148 FR: Extrusion and Edge Fill System

RF 1148 FR is a low density, flame retardant, quick room temperature curing epoxy resin system used for honeycomb panel edge filling. 

Resin Formulators Product Manager, David Ash-Gilbert, demonstrates how to use RF 1148 FR.

video 1 screenshot w play 2.png

RF 1148 FR: Mixing Nozzle Removal

 After dispensing and applying RF 1148 FR curing system, David Ash-Gilbert demonstrates how to remove the nozzle and close the cartridge.

video 3 screenshot w play 2.png

RF 1148 FR: Sanding Down the Cured Epoxy

After 45 - 60 minutes at room temperature, RF 1148 FR has completely cured. Our Product Manager demonstrates sanding the material on the honeycomb panel edge. 

video 2 screenshot w play 2.png