Introducing Resin Formulators' New World-Class Facility

We are thrilled to announce that Resin Formulators, the manufacturing division of GracoRoberts, has moved to a a brand new facility.  Watch the video to take a tour of our new, world-class facility and learn more about our expanded capabilities. 

RF facility video


3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Composite Surfacing and Lightning Protection Film AF 536

Everyone is racing to make airplanes lighter, faster, safer, and more efficient. Every last detail of your aircraft has to be tuned to help accomplish these goals.  Now you can protect your planes from lightning strikes with a surface protection film that can significantly reduce weight. 

1593 AASD Scotch-Weld Surfacing Film Marketing Video_FINAL-thumb-1


Crestabond® M7-04 Structural Adhesive

Crestabond M7-04 is a toughened, two component 1:1 acrylic adhesive designed for bonding composites, thermoplastics and metals. This new generation of structural methacrylate adhesive meets the bonding requirements of most assembly operations. Demonstrating excellent impact, peel, shear, compressive strength and fatigue resistance properties across all bonded parts. 

Crestabond M7-04 Video


Momentive PSA529 and 6573A w SRC 18 Product Introduction Video

Momentive’s  SilGrip high-performance silicone contact adhesives for fabrication and general assembly operations designed to maintain flexibility and adhesion in tough environmental conditions over a wide temperature range.

Explanatory Video Still


Momentive PSA529 and 6573A How-To Video

Learn how to use Momentive's SilGrip silicone pressure-sensitive contact adhesives PSA529 and PSA6573A.

PSA529 How To Still


Henkel Aviation Interiors

View the short animation to see the technologies and products available for aviation interiors from Henkel.



Henkel Rail Interiors

View the short animation to see the technologies and products available for rail interiors from Henkel.



Henkel Paint & Peel Product Benefits

Watch the video to learn about the benefits of Peel & Paint and how it can minimize surface preparation time.

peel and paint


BONDERITE Touch-N-Prep Applicator Pen Tips

Watch the video to see a demonstration of the BONDERITE Touch-N-Prep slim tip applicators.

Bonderite Touch N Prep Video Still


NEW PRODUCT: Potting Compound - Henkel LOCTITE EA 9824 FST AERO

Henkel developed LOCTITE® EA 9824 FST AERO as an interior potting compound that provides better flame, smoke, and toxicity performance than current materials used for interiors. Potting compounds improve mechanical strength and provide insulation and resistance to vibration and shock.

Henkel video - potting image


Potting components for thermal management and protection with Momentive SilCool TIA213

Momentive’s potting materials provide high thermal conductivity for high power components and flexible, low viscosity formulations to help minimize the effects of vibration on key components.

Momentive video still - potting


Bonderite M-CR 871 Aero Application

Application of Bonderite M-CR 871 Aero.

Bonderite M-cr 871 Aero Application Video

Specialty Packaging

Learn how specialty packaging can improve supply chain performance.

specialty packaging video 1

Intermix Paint Color Test

Watch the video to see how an AkzoNobel Intermix production specialist performs a custom color matching test in the lab.

Intermix Color

How to Mix Epoxy Resin RF 5407

Video tutorial of how to properly mix the Resin Formulators Product RF 5407 for best performance results. RF 5407 is an easy-to-use, alumina-filled, liquid epoxy resin with excellent electrical insulation properties and high thermal conductivity. 

how to mix epoxy resin RF 5407

RF 1148 FR: Extrusion and Edge Fill System

RF 1148 FR is a low density, flame retardant, quick room temperature curing epoxy resin system used for honeycomb panel edge filling. 

Resin Formulators Product Manager, David Ash-Gilbert, demonstrates how to use RF 1148 FR.

video 1 screenshot w play 2.png

RF 1148 FR: Mixing Nozzle Removal

 After dispensing and applying RF 1148 FR curing system, David Ash-Gilbert demonstrates how to remove the nozzle and close the cartridge.

video 3 screenshot w play 2.png

RF 1148 FR: Sanding Down the Cured Epoxy

After 45 - 60 minutes at room temperature, RF 1148 FR has completely cured. Our Director of Product Development demonstrates sanding the material on the honeycomb panel edge. 

video 2 screenshot w play 2.png

SPUR + PSA 3.0 Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Product Introduction

A high performance adhesive that is designed to survive challenging environments, even exposure to Fuel, Solvent, and Water.


SPUR + PSA 3.0 Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: How to Apply With a Roller or Brush

Apply SPUR using a brush or roller.  SPUR is a high performance contact adhesive that is designed to survive challenging environments, even exposure to Fuel, Solvent, and Water. 

Roller or Brush

SPUR + PSA 3.0: How to Apply in Transfer Film Format

SPUR is soaked in fuel, solvent, and water for 1 hour and 48 hours. Use SPUR FSW to bond materials today, or apply a release liner to use later. 

Transfer Film


Huntsman Epocast 1614-A2 Edge & Void Filler Demo

Minimize costs and maximize flexibility with Epocast® 1614-A2 epoxy edge & void filler for aerospace applications. Watch the video to see the product demonstration.

Huntsman Epocast 1614-A2 Video Clip