As the trend of urban living continues to grow globally, the demand for new and innovative Urban Air Mobility (UAM) applications is also increasing. The UAM market, including autonomous flying vehicles, manned drones, and flying taxis, has proven resilient to recent global disruptions, with major aerospace trials moving forward at a swift pace. With decades of experience developing innovative and sustainable adhesives, Henkel has partnered with market leading suppliers to provide aerospace quality solutions designed to improve and support eVTOL drone and airframe design for the e-mobility of the air

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Featured Product: LOCTITE® EA 9394 

Loctite EA 9394


As an authorized Henkel Aerospace distributor, we are excited to showcase LOCTITE® EA 9394, a two-part structural paste adhesive, which cures at room temperature and possesses excellent strength to 350°F/177°C and higher. Its thixotropic nature and excellent high temperature compressive strength also make it ideal for potting, filling and liquid shim applications. LOCTITE® EA 9394 also features a mixed viscosity of 1600 Poise, density of 1.36 g/ml, and a tensile strength of 6,675 psi. The product meets requirements for MMM-A-132 Rev A, Type 1, Class 3.

 Unique Product Benefits
  • Room Temperature Cure
  • 350°F/177°C Performance
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • Outstanding Mechanical Properties
  • Long Pot Life
  • Low Toxicity

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