RF 1141 A/B

We are pleased to spotlight one of our most popular innovations from Resin Formulators!

RF 1141 A/B is a two-part low-density, fast-set epoxy syntactic system. This product is thixotropic and can be used on vertical surfaces without excessive run out from the bond line. RF 1141 A/B has a working life of 20 minutes and cures in six to eight hours at room temperature. The product was designed for edge close out and insert bonding to meet high production throughput demand for aerospace and composite applications.

Application Areas/Suggested Uses
  • Adhesives
  • Insert Bonding
  • Edge Close Out
  • Densification of honeycomb core structures
  • Fast-set syntactic system
  • Thixotropic
  • High production throughput
  • 3000+ psi compression strength
  • Low-density
  • Room temperature cure
  • Qualified to SCGMS 58001, Type 2, Class 1 or Class 2

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