RF 5407

We are pleased to spotlight one of our most popular innovations from Resin Formulators!

RF 5407 is an easy-to-use, aluminum oxide filled, liquid epoxy resin with excellent electrical insulation properties and high thermal conductivity. RF 5407 can be cured with nearly any hardener to produce a wide range of properties and cure cycles. Regardless of which curing agent is selected, the resultant plastic will have low shrinkage during cure, excellent thermal stability and conductivity, and will be strong and durable for casting.

Check out our video tutorial to see how RF 5407 is mixed for best performance results.

Application Areas/Suggested Uses
  • Adhesives
  • Potting and bonding
  • High voltage relay potting
  • Staking of Li-ion battery cells
  • Encapsulation of motor windings
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Electrical insulation
  • Low shrinkage during cure
  • Thermal cycling capability
  • Strong and durable casting
Commonly used with RF 24

When RF 5407 is combined with curing agent RF 24, RF 24 helps to lower the combined viscosity and improve wet out.  RF 24 provides a very long working life at ambient temperature and will require a heat cure in order to gain full benefit from the performance characteristics. Properties include light color, low viscosity, long pot life, and rapid cure. Due to its unique composition, RF 24 is often recommended as a replacement for aromatic amines.

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Video Tutorial: How to mix RF 5407 Epoxy Resin



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